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Are you interested in our services but would like to know more about us? Do you have a specific need to address and would you like to discuss the details with us in person?

We'd be happy to meet with you whether it's over coffee at our office, at your business, or even online via MS Teams or another VoIP service.

Thank you! We will be in touch.

Meet with us

We'd love to meet you. It's up to you whether you prefer a personal meeting or a video call. If you want to meet with us, we offer you two options - a meeting room in the very centre of Prague or 10 minutes from the Václav Havel Airport right by the D6 motorway. 

Where you can find us

Revolucni Centrum - Revolucni 727/7, 110 00 Prague 1, 4th floor 

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

9:00 – 18:00

Call us

+420 602 700 327 

Email us

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